Anaga Rural Park
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Anaga Rural Park

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Anaga Rural Park

Natural protected space located in the northeast of the island of Tenerife (Tenerife North) with a surface of about 14500 hectares along the municipalities of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Laguna and Tegueste.

Tenerife attractions – Anaga

The landscape is really impressive, formed by an abrupt range of trimmed peaks. Between them there are deep valleys and cliffs that descend to sea level. Due to the different altitudes, the landscape is full of contrasts, from thick forests of laurisilva (the most important ones in the world) in the higher areas, to Dragon Trees, palms, tabaibas and cardons in the lower ones.

Tenerife weather – Anaga

Generally there is a thick fog (it is recommendable to take something to cover yourself, even if you see a splendid sun). Due to the characteristics of the terrain and the difficult access, it is an area with little population, but very visited by nature and hiking lovers.

You get there through the TF-12 road, a narrow and curvy road, but with a very good road surface and very little traffic, although I was surprised to see buses in this remote place; as you go up in altitude you find different viewpoints: Jardina, Cruz del Carmen, Pico del Inglés, Abicor y El Bailadero.

In the Cruz del Carmen viewpoint there is a small chapel and a visitor’s center, with a small exhibit room about the park’s flora and fauna, and a tourist information office that explains the different hiking routes available. The park has been declared special protection area for the birds.

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